funding-logosGAPVAC a collaborative project, supported by the European Commission’s 7th framework programme 2012 and specifically addresses the call:

HEALTH-2012-INNOVATION-1-1.2-1: Development of technologies with a view to patient group stratification for personalised medicine applications

The aim of this topic is to support research and development and/or proof of principle of technologies for application in the area of personalised medicine, i.e. tailored medical interventions which are more effective and have fewer undesirable adverse effects in specifically defined patient groups. These technologies should be of use for research, screening, diagnostics and/or guidance of therapeutic interventions. The projects must include quality control aspects for data generated and where appropriate use statistical tools. Potential end-users should actively be included in the project, at least for proof of principle projects.

GAPVAC is supported with 6 Mio € by the EU. The total project has a volume of 7.9 Mio €. The project started in November 2012 and is planned to be completed in January 2017.